Tonight, Tuesday the 13th of June, we will be having a Mentors’ General Meeting at 7:30 PM in the Choir Room at Lake Middle School. Times are relative, and I’d like to end general business a little early. Please bring ideas on fund raising and sponsorships!


  • 7:30 Introductions and Minutes Review (anyone take minutes for the last Mentor’s meeting?)
  • 7:35 Treasurer Report (What we have, and what we’ve purchased)
  • 7:40 Near-term Budget Planning
  • 7:50 Sponsorship, Fundraising, Etc. (Bring ideas!)
  • 8:05 Plan Topics for First Team Meetings
  • 8:15 Schedule Next Mentor’s Meeting
  • 8:20 How did we do? (Rate 1-5)

For an after-session, lead mentors, please bring your laptops. We will go over how to order the team registrations and two robot kit of parts.

8:30 Technical Support/Setting up FIRST Teams, Purchase Orders, etc.