We’re still accepting 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students to one of five teams! We are currently 58 students strong. If you’re interested in driving, building, programming robots, or participating in fund raising or teaching people about Science, Technology, and Engineering, please sign up today! The deadline of September 9th is fast approaching!

Our current time sizes is an average of 12 students. Technically, we have the capacity to have up to 15 students per team, but ideal team size is between 8 and 12. If we start to approach 13 students per team, we would prefer to form a sixth team. To do so, we need at least two adult volunteers to act as Lead Mentors. If you are signing up your student, please consider volunteering as a mentor!

A new time will require an additional $1,600 in funding for the season, so bring your fund-raising ideas or take the following Sponsorship Packet to your employers, businesses, and colleagues!

Fill out the sign-up sheet and return it to Lake Middle School office, or scan and email it. Turn in the $100 participation fee per student to Chula Albrecht in the Lake Middle School office.