Just wanted to give a quick update about Leopard Robotics!

We have our mentors! Mike Ouradnik and Jesse Carpientier have stepped up and decided to coach Team 2 this upcoming year! Thank you! This is wonderful news, as we were able to take in the remaining kids on the waitlist! 54 students in total. Teams are being formed along student preferences in general. Team 2 will be largely a rookie team, so they’ll be looking for general help!

Woodbury Middle School may be forming teams this year! (I’m very optimistic that it will happen.) There is an informational meeting being scheduled for Tuesday, April 24 at 7:00-9:00 PM at the Woodbury High School Lecture Hall (use the South Entrance). Note, if we do have WMS teams, the students who attend WMS will need to participate on those teams. We’ve asked prospective the 6-7 WMS students not to pay for the registration here until we know for certain.

Science Fair Demonstration! The MEME team will be giving a demonstration of FIRST Tech Challenge at the Middleton Elementary School Science Fair on Friday, April 20th. We will be setting up the competition field and allowing parents and kids to examine and pilot the bots, ask questions, and see what we’re about. If you’re interested in volunteering to demonstrate your team’s bot, please let me know soon so we can plan space for you!

Pre-Season Activities are being planned for the Club! We’re looking to build a curriculum around topics important to FIRST Tech Challenge participants and parents, both rookie and veteran. Topics include: Bot Construction, Java programming basics, Java Programming for FIRST Tech Challenge, fund raising, sponsorships and STEM out-reach. We will start filling the calendar out with tentative dates. If you’re interested in presenting a topic or helping with one, let me know!